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What You Can Expect When You Apply for a Mortgage

First, you'll complete our online application!
The application will ask you questions about the home and your finances and takes less than 20 minutes to complete. As soon as you've finished the application we'll review your request for instant approval. If your application is approved online, we'll ask you for a deposit to cover the cost of the appraisal on your home so that we can begin to process your request immediately. This deposit will be credited towards your closing fees at closing.

After completing your application, a Mortgage Originator will contact you to introduce himself or herself and to answer any questions you may have. Your Mortgage Originator is a mortgage expert and will provide help and guidance along the way. If your request wasn't approved online, he or she will ask you for any information required to make a decision about your loan.


If you are purchasing a new home, the Mortgage Originator will also contact the Real Estate Broker or the seller so that they'll know whom to contact with questions.
We'll send you an application package and prepare your loan for closing.

The application package will be sent to you and will contain papers for you to sign and a list of items we'll need to verify the information you provided about your finances during the online application.


We'll order the appraisal from a licensed appraiser who is familiar with home values in your area. Depending on your finances and the loan amount requested, different types of appraisals are used. Sometimes the appraiser will need to view the home. Sometimes they are able to do their evaluation from the street.

Title insurance will be necessary. If you're purchasing a home, we'll work with the real estate broker or seller to ensure the title work is ordered as soon as possible. If you are refinancing we'll take care of ordering the title work for you. We'll use the title insurance to confirm the legal status of your property and to prepare the closing documents.

We'll contact you to coordinate your closing date.

After we received the application package back from you and the appraisal and title work, we'll contact you to schedule your loan closing. If you are purchasing a home, we'll also schedule the closing with the real estate broker and the seller.
The closing will take place at the office of a title company or attorney in your area who will act as our agent.

A few days before closing, your Mortgage Originator will contact you to walk through the final information so that there won't be any surprises at closing.

That's all there is to it! You're on your way to the most convenient home loan ever!


TVFCU Mortgage is opening doors to your Mortgage Savings and covering the cost of your home appraisal and credit report which is over $500 in savings!




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