AmCap & AMAC

Just as AmCap is tremendously committed to our clients’ interests and wellbeing, so is the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) to theirs. AMAC has been protecting the interests of seniors since 2007. They offer a variety of consumer benefits for their members including travel discounts, competitively priced insurance products, Roadside Assistance, retail and restaurant discounts, as well as many other benefits and savings opportunities. With over one million members, AMAC’s sole mission is to look after the welfare of their members, in all ways possible.

Part of AMAC’s efforts to provide the best for their members is the offering of AmCap’s Reverse Mortgage loan. The loan option allows seniors to convert a portion of the equity in their home into cash, to use as savings, extra income or to utilize in several other ways.

Helping seniors make the best decisions for their individual financial situations is an anchoring cornerstone for AmCap. The partnership between AmCap and AMAC makes that mission possible.

AmCap Home Loans - Partnership with AMAC
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They say home is where the heart is. It’s where your family resides, where treasures are kept and where memories are made. AmCap is here to help put you in the house you’ll make a home. Iscential is here to help you protect it.

Founded in 1993, Iscential is an insurance brokerage company dedicated to serving as a trusted advisor to its clients. Rather than simply telling you what coverage you need, Iscential takes the time to get to know you and explain your exposures, giving you the knowledge and power to select a plan that effectively minimizes your risk and provides peace of mind.

AmCap has proudly partnered with this company, whose dedication to customer service so strongly mirrors its own. Through this business relationship, AmCap customers can rest assured they’re getting the very best insurance coverage for their home. 


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AmCap ensures our customers can give their families a safe, secure place to call home. Clayton Ramirez helps maintain that same sense of safety and security for your family with estate planning services to make certain your wishes for the future are well documented.

From managing asset and wealth distribution to authenticating your care and minor guardianship desires, their legal team simplifies the complex world of probate law to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

As a special offer, the law firm is now assisting AmCap employees in the creation of their wills free of charge (a $750 value)!

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At AmCap, we understand that property appraisals are essential to the home buying process. They determine the accuracy of a loan and protect buyers’, sellers’ and lenders’ investments. That’s why we entrust the appraisal process to Property Interlink.

Founded in 2010, Property Interlink has quickly grown to service thousands of appraisals per month through their cloud-based appraisal management software. With streamlined systems, a vast appraiser network and the technical ability to facilitate data management and order processing, Property Interlink is equipped to take on immense appraisal volume.

AmCap proudly partners with Property Interlink because of their efficiency and ability to offer quality service and fast appraisal turn times for our clients.